Epic Kingmaker

Against the Trolls

When last we left our heroes they stood in the woods outside the hidden headquarters of the Trolls. After having Sparky the Earth Elemental survey the caverns and provide an accurate map the heroes decided it would be best to wait for one of the raiding parties to leave and to assault the trolls in smaller numbers. One hunting party emerged including two trolls and a two headed troll. The party tracked them for a time and defeated them. That night a scout was sent out who seemed to be a troll with rock formations in his skin. He too was tracked and then defeated by the party. The party then built a fire and taunted the trolls to come out. The result was that the Trolls shot a gem from a necklace of fireballs at the bonfire they built. The party became concerned that the Trolls would use up all the good treasure and so snuck across the open field at night and into the mouth of the cave where they battled three trolls and their leader and then some trollhounds. It was a ferocious battle marked by the signature moves of Glitterdust and a large sized dwarven paladin D’uer. In the end the heroes triumphed. All in all, it was mostly multiple hours of just killing trolls.

Our heroes rode out returning to the city of Ismort to glory in their triumph over the trolls. From atop a distant hill a pillar of smoke emerged from the city and part of the wall and a building seemed to be destroyed.


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