Duur Djuptdelver-Slagsun

Paladin of Magrim, Marshal of the Narlmarches


CHAR-Duur-2.jpgDuur is a 52-year-old male dwarf with grey eyes, red hair and pale, white skin. He usually wears half-plate decorated with the emblem of Erastil and wields a dorn-dergar in battle. Unlike most male dwarves, his beard is shorn as a sign that his family was dishonored at some time in the past.


Duur Djuptdelver-Slagsun (Duur Deepdelver to surface folk), Dwarf Paladin Stonelord of Magrim.

Originally from Larrad in the Five Kings Mountains, The Djuptdelvers are a once great clan that fell into debt and near ruin, and now serve as minor functionaries in the temples of Five Kings Mountains.

Duur Djuptdelver’s gladdinggarsun (rite of passage) took him into the Ruins of Saggorak under Larrad’s necropolis. There, finding the runes of his family and adding his own, he had a transcendent experience, which convinced him that he was meant to follow Magrim, the Dwarvish God of Death. It also foretold Duur’s future participation in great events.

Duur’s father, Bladrik, supposedly a cleric of Torag, dishonored himself and his family by engaging the church in useless building projects secretly consecrated to Droskar, the Dwarvish God of Useless Toil. Thus, Bladrik’s surname is Djuptdelver-Slag, “Slag” being an indicator of dishonor, and Duur’s surname is Djuptdelver-Slagsun.

Shamed, Duur left Larrad and headed north. Originally his plans were to reunite with relatives lost during the Collapsed Era in Brunderton in East Rostland in Brevoy. However, the opportunity to clear out the Stolen Lands and possibly even help found a kingdom may help him reclaim his clan’s honor.

Duur Djuptdelver-Slagsun

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