Tesla Aldos

Ored Wizard



Tellser grew up in Riddleport. His mother was a laborer, and father was in the city watch. While they could pass more for human when Tellser was born it was obvious the stone herital manifsted more in him.

Growing up this led him to isolate himself more, but luckily magic did not care how he looked. He apprenticed with a wizard in Riddleport, and over the years discovered he had a talent for Magic.

It was during his early years he met a young Varissian fortune teller. The two fell in love, but her death sent him realing. He does not talk about it, but the Harrow deck that he caries and is a major part of his magical talents was hers.

Reaching 60, both his parents dead, he decided it was time to set off on his own with his knowledge. He had heard of places throught Golarian with a history of magic, and he was determined to see it.


Tesla Aldos

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