Epic Kingmaker

Road to the Valley of Death
August 2016

Our heroes, having resolved the kobold diplomatic crisis (for now), set about returning to Varnhold in order to seek out the place the Nomen Centaurs called “The Valley of Death” so that they could discover what clues lay there regarding the disappearance of the people of Varnhold as well as the Centaur Chieftain’s daughter. Before leaving the city of Ismort, our heroes noticed a raven following them. Parlavash was sent after the raven to provoke and then follow the raven but after a short distance it became invisible and escaped. After going through Varnhold Pass, our heroes decided to camp at the city of Varnhold specifically at the fort before continuing on their journey. That night, our heroes were assaulted by a demon who whispered Sable’s name before attacking her. In the morning, the group decided that it would be best to clear out the town of Varnhold both to ensure the safety of the retainers they brought with them as well as to make sure that there would be no threats loping at their heels. A swarm of rats was cleared out and a gift set for the upcoming wedding of the princess. Much of the town remains to be explored as our intrepid adventurers attempt to clean out this festering burg.

Against the Trolls

When last we left our heroes they stood in the woods outside the hidden headquarters of the Trolls. After having Sparky the Earth Elemental survey the caverns and provide an accurate map the heroes decided it would be best to wait for one of the raiding parties to leave and to assault the trolls in smaller numbers. One hunting party emerged including two trolls and a two headed troll. The party tracked them for a time and defeated them. That night a scout was sent out who seemed to be a troll with rock formations in his skin. He too was tracked and then defeated by the party. The party then built a fire and taunted the trolls to come out. The result was that the Trolls shot a gem from a necklace of fireballs at the bonfire they built. The party became concerned that the Trolls would use up all the good treasure and so snuck across the open field at night and into the mouth of the cave where they battled three trolls and their leader and then some trollhounds. It was a ferocious battle marked by the signature moves of Glitterdust and a large sized dwarven paladin D’uer. In the end the heroes triumphed. All in all, it was mostly multiple hours of just killing trolls.

Our heroes rode out returning to the city of Ismort to glory in their triumph over the trolls. From atop a distant hill a pillar of smoke emerged from the city and part of the wall and a building seemed to be destroyed.

A Giant Conversation
why are there so many mentally handicapped brutes in this campaign

January Game Log
Our heroes were on the ground floor of a dispute between a never before seen Nixie and a group of irate loggers. After calming down the loggers, our group actually found a use for the feather tokens of trees that see so ubiquitous. Afterwards there was some grumbling by the loggers but the steward deduced that the best way to quell the unrest would be to expand claimed forest hexes.

Upon returning to their city the court found messenger from the Swordlords. A royal investigation into raiding of territory to the East has found that a group of trolls is located in our heroes lands. While there is no suspicion on our heroes there is now a bounty for clearing them out. Our heroes ventured into the Southernmost unexplored reaches of the forest. Though no Trolls were found our heroes dispatched an errant Hodag and Forest Drake. The forest is now completely explored. A traveling group of Gnomish archaeologists was encountered and were given permission to explore the lands as they are in search of “Firestone Keep” a lost Dwarvish settlement and were directed towards the lost Elvish settlement in the area.

Returning to their keep our heroes managed their lands with no incident though it is noted that Winter is coming. Checking in on his “apprentice” Vino, Tesla found evidence of a broken heart with sketches detailing a relationship with another bottle of wine. Discussion with Tick Tack as to whether is pulling the prank was inconclusive. Either your master spy is pulling a prank and is a master of bluffing it or he is not bluffing at all and finds it ridiculous that you want him to hire someone to keep tabs on a bottle of wine. Several bottles of other varieties were left behind to keep Vino company in the hopes that he’d make friends while our heroes go out.

On the suspicion that the Trolls could be further in the grasslands led our heroes to explore more of their territory. This search quickly turned up a Hill Giant lunching on a lonely knoll. Upon approaching him they were greeted with the phrase: “You give Munguk you stuff now” and as the Giant readied his weapon so too did our heroes.

A fierce battle ensued with a strong opponent but as our heroes grew close to slaying the giant he broke down in tears calling them a bunch of “meanies”. Calling off the attack our heroes spoke with the Giant and gained valuable information. The Giant fled with his mother from the North after other Giants wanted to kill him for being too dumb. He also had a map to the Trolls that he was happy to part with but would not lead them to the Trolls since they were also “meanies”. The heroes bribed him with “drink” (water with an illusion of the taste of beer) and he told them much. After leaving him be with promises that he would hurt no one.

Our heroes used the map to discover the Trolls lair and as the curtain is drawn they prepare their assault on the den of Trolls.

Storming of Candlemere Tower

Our heroes took a trip to the nearby city to do some shopping. While there they checked in on various contacts including Rory’s parents as well as the diplomat from Galt. Sable’s criminal suitor made a suggestion regarding using the kingdom as a safe house for his criminal enterprises and she said she would get back to him.

After returning to their Kingdom, our heroes prepared for one of their most difficult battles to date at Candlemere Tower. Having previously tried to explore the castle, they knew that it was a residence to multiple wisps. Coming now more powerful and armed with specialty weapons specifically created for battling wisps (wants of magic missile) our heroes stormed the castle. They were met in full force by six wisps using their tricks of invisibility and powerful attacks. Thanks to another judicious use of Glitterdust to nullify their invisibility our heroes emerged victorious. While exploring the castle, our heroes found ancient writings of elder gods and the name R’leyeh carved deep into the stone giving them an unsettling feeling. As they left, they debated the future of the Candlemere tower.

Upon arriving back in their city of Ismort, they were greeted by a royal messenger who told them that Trolls within their lands were raiding a neighboring kingdom. A grand reward was offered and our heroes resolved to take up this task.

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