Epic Kingmaker

Road to the Valley of Death

August 2016

Our heroes, having resolved the kobold diplomatic crisis (for now), set about returning to Varnhold in order to seek out the place the Nomen Centaurs called “The Valley of Death” so that they could discover what clues lay there regarding the disappearance of the people of Varnhold as well as the Centaur Chieftain’s daughter. Before leaving the city of Ismort, our heroes noticed a raven following them. Parlavash was sent after the raven to provoke and then follow the raven but after a short distance it became invisible and escaped. After going through Varnhold Pass, our heroes decided to camp at the city of Varnhold specifically at the fort before continuing on their journey. That night, our heroes were assaulted by a demon who whispered Sable’s name before attacking her. In the morning, the group decided that it would be best to clear out the town of Varnhold both to ensure the safety of the retainers they brought with them as well as to make sure that there would be no threats loping at their heels. A swarm of rats was cleared out and a gift set for the upcoming wedding of the princess. Much of the town remains to be explored as our intrepid adventurers attempt to clean out this festering burg.


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