Epic Kingmaker

Storming of Candlemere Tower

Our heroes took a trip to the nearby city to do some shopping. While there they checked in on various contacts including Rory’s parents as well as the diplomat from Galt. Sable’s criminal suitor made a suggestion regarding using the kingdom as a safe house for his criminal enterprises and she said she would get back to him.

After returning to their Kingdom, our heroes prepared for one of their most difficult battles to date at Candlemere Tower. Having previously tried to explore the castle, they knew that it was a residence to multiple wisps. Coming now more powerful and armed with specialty weapons specifically created for battling wisps (wants of magic missile) our heroes stormed the castle. They were met in full force by six wisps using their tricks of invisibility and powerful attacks. Thanks to another judicious use of Glitterdust to nullify their invisibility our heroes emerged victorious. While exploring the castle, our heroes found ancient writings of elder gods and the name R’leyeh carved deep into the stone giving them an unsettling feeling. As they left, they debated the future of the Candlemere tower.

Upon arriving back in their city of Ismort, they were greeted by a royal messenger who told them that Trolls within their lands were raiding a neighboring kingdom. A grand reward was offered and our heroes resolved to take up this task.


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